Marvin Brooks
  • US Air Force Veteran/National Guard – Honorable Discharge Dec 1987 to Aug 1999.
  • A Christian who is a certified volunteer part-time biblical counselor.
  • A facilitator of a reentry program at a federal and Dallas county prison detention program.


Marvin Brooks received his Texas health license in April 2013. Before making the move into health insurance, he worked with AAA providing auto, home, renters, boat and umbrella policies for the AAA-Texas members.

His mother suggested that he make a move over to health insurance. She had seen on TV that it was a confusing time for a lot of people, and there were companies (agents) that were not fully explaining the full policies, so she told Marvin that he would be an ethical person for the industry.

He is in good standing with all the states he carries a license in. He takes all the required continuing education classes, and he watches out for any new information coming out about the health industry. He stays up to date with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) compliance regulations, and he follows the consumer complaint report on each company licensed in the state of Texas.

Marvin can interpret health companies’ policies and have done that for many individuals and small businesses in the past seven years. As an agent, it has become his mission to help individuals become educated about the different policies and networks available to them and help them find the health policy that they qualify for that also meets their needs and budget.

Currently, he carries an active health license in the following states: Texas, Arizona, Nebraska, Kansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennesse, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Iowa, and Arkansas.


I strive to be a beckon of honesty, integrity, and trust in the health agent industry. I am here to educate and listen to the needs of the individuals, families, and business owners that I meet. I then offer a path to the health plans that fits their needs and budget. I will give you information about your situation in black and white and tell you what you qualify for in health plans.


It is my vision to help more individuals understand what they need for their insurance policies and determine what is the best insurance policy for them so they can maximize the benefits.

I have always wanted to help people, be of service. Joining the USAF after high school, I was allowed to learn self-disciple, focus, hard work and management skills. After many years of service, I received an honorable discharge with twelve years of active duty and national guard service. My service now is helping my community understand and find the best health and ancillary plans that meet their needs and budget.

Every health plan is not the same; that is why I have to talk with my clients to see what their needs are. If I send you a price quote, then you are buying what I want to sell you, not what you truly need.

I offer seven+ years of experience helping individuals, families, the self-employed, and small businesses and owners find a quality health plan and tailoring the right health plan and supplements together to provide as much coverage as possible.

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