I’m writing this review about Marvin Brooks, a health insurance agent for United Healthcare:

An acquaintance of mine gave me Marvin’s name regarding health insurance.  My husband has always been an independent, therefore we’ve always had to find our own insurance.

From day one, Marvin has been completely professional, very informed and at call any time I needed any assistance.  One instance, my son was overcharged grossly for a walk-in appt.  (He went to a 24-hour emergency care facility, not knowing it was like going to an emergency hospital).  No one was there, the front desk never said anything to him after taking his insurance card, and the doctor saw him very quickly.  After receiving the enormous bill, I called Marvin, explained the situation, and he took care of it.

Thank you so much Marvin for your professionalism, knowledge and kindness through the time we had you working with us!

Ginger Reynolds

Marvin is an excellent advocate for all health insurance needs. He’s very knowledgeable of the plans. He is able to be reached AFTER the sale for years after!

Marvin came to the hospital the day after I gave birth to look through my options and get my daughter added.

Highly recommend!

Erica Jo

Marvin was super helpful at finding us the right health plan for our family. He is always very quick to respond and always available if we have questions about our plan. We could not be happier with with his service.

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